Ibex Carving
Ibex Carving
Ibex Carving
Ibex Carving

Ibex Carving

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Known to be the greatest climbers of the Alps. Thriving in the upper forests, just below the snow line, they climb the most astonishing cliffs and heights that most of the animal kingdom could only dream of reaching. This outstanding carving captures the Ibex in all its glory and freedom.

Material – Mahogany Obsidian 

Base – Petrified Wood  

Weight – 232 grams Base: 1,736 grams 

Dimensions - 180mm x 135mm x 52mm  

Base: 150mm x 146mm x 94mm 

*** Due to the unique and rare nature of our items, please allow 2-4 weeks for their special handling and packaging ***

*** Please inquire for our bank wire and/or crypto currency prices ***

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