About Votre Collections

Inspirations come in many forms, some we stumble across, some we find hiding in plain sight. No matter where you find beauty, it always will make you smile.

We are a family that has spent decades sourcing rare gemstones and special pieces of custom jewelry for the most demanding of customers. We source spectacular one of a kind pieces that may not be copiable ever again. This is usually due to the rarity of the materials used or the inaccessibility of the creator a combination of the first two! 

We recognize the world is becoming flooded with mass produced common items, which keeps us reaching far and wide to find items that are more than jewelry, more than art; we want those pieces that are conversations, that both baffle the common jewelry buyer and intrigue those who have unlimited budgets!

Our offered items are the items that help our customers achieve what is becoming so diluted today - INDIVIDUALISM! 

The pieces we source are much like a fingerprint; there's only one like it, anywhere. 

In addition to our family trade, we also work on request for discerning customers who wish to create or source something special. Please inquire for any questions regarding our showcases or our services.